Two Roses

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Two Roses

From the lost files of I AM KELZ 6

Copyright 2020 by Kelly J. Newson

Two roses that grew from concrete

A love so pure

From two amazing souls, K & Y

The greatest love to ever exist

True love

Twin flames, built for each other

Loving one another

Growing together

Erasing all toxic friendships,

Heartbreaks, let downs

And situationships around them

As their love comes forward

Can’t any more fuckboys or jokers get between them again

For their love is solid

Purely made for one another

Their souls knew of each other at birth

They were just lost in this chaotic world

Mixed in with the wrong crowd

A toxic environment

Surrounded by stained concrete

But still their love rises

Two roses out the mud

Rising from the cracking, stained concrete

So pure

So real

As new life begins

A new chapter is birthed

K and Y, real love forever

The storyline continues

And their love redeemed for all eternity

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Crown me



Crown me

Copyright 2020 by Kelly J. Newson

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Crown me king

Crown me queen

For I am great like my ancestors

As I think now of dropping this English/Irish name inherited by my father’s family

The name they were forced to take on

Forced forgot their own

Maybe I will make my last name X, because for now, there is so much unknown

But still I am the legacy of my ancestors

I am their wildest dreams

I am the prayer they prayed for

The subject of their wildest dreams

With their intelligence running through me

I can feel their guidance daily

As I speak daily to the universe

They inspire me

They push me to be my best

As I read their great works,

listen to their speeches and other great masterpieces for inspiration and motivation

As I look to add my own contribution to this great culture of ours

I just want to make them proud

And make art that will inspire the next generation

As I rock my Kenta cloth daily

With my black tee, jeans and boots

No high fashion needed here

Just colors representing each country in the motherland

From Egypt down the Ivory Coast to South Africa

I’m reppin’ each country

For its the blood of Africa within me

I’m just looking for my direct connection,

My ancestors

The Queens and Kings of my culture, my people!

For I am their descendant

So crown me now

As I celebrate our rich culture

My blood line

And my beautiful black skin

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Ocean and Ashes


Ocean and Ashes

A poem by KELLY J [Kelz] NEWSON

Copyright 2020 by Kelly J. Newson

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Ocean and Ashes

From some shores it looks beautiful
From others it’s unsightly and stinks
Don’t dare drink, for we may be tasting the blood of our ancestors

Their ashes are scattered among that deep blue sea
You cannot see
But many years ago
They were taken from their homeland
Families separated
Names lost
Ancestry untraceable
History erased in many instances
Bodies thrown overboard

So the next time you’re on your yacht,
Swimming, surfing, or on a cruise
Remember the many bodies thrown overboard
And the helpless humans stolen for free labor
Treated less than human
With every human right refused
And now just a memory to those who want to remember
A dark thought in American history
A past we must not forget, nor repeat

So when you hear cries while out to sea
Or you’re just hanging out on the beach
Remember the lives lost at sea
Remember the lives cut short because they were deemed not good enough
By those claiming to be masters

You know the ones who broke up families
Scattering about a whole race in a country whose only freedom was for everyone but them
But now they aren’t lost at sea anymore
Now they are resting peacefully
And free from the chains of slavery

In that deep blue sea
For the ocean is a mass graveyard for my ancestors
For it’s their flesh,
Their bones,
Their blood that we feel,
Their ashes that float among each ocean
Must we never forget them
For their stories go untold
But they are not forgotten no matter what’s in the history books
For they live forever in the deep blue sea

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