Dear Black Queen, Black Lives Matter (Words of Affirmation)

Dear Black Queen, Black Lives Matter
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Copyright 2020 by Kelly J. Newson

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They fear you

But there was a time when they brutalized and raped you

Then lied and call you whore like they did Recy Taylor

But now you got your own mind

You are educated and fed up with the bullshit

But still comply with the laws

And when you arm yourself righteously and mindfully

They still wanna decease your body

Hoping to silence you

But your ideas and soul will live on forever

You are far greater, a queen

They are inferior to you so they fear you

With beauty, pride, integrity and standards that continually rise

Your beauty is the most replicated

Your mind, the most hated on

As you steadily bring yourself up

Rising to every occasion

They only see it as hate towards them

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So they feel scared

But your mind is educated

And you know the laws

You knew it would come to this

And now you another Shero who stood up for her own

Making a better way for you and yours

And if nobody else say it

I love you black queen

Never let these so-called housewives and video vixens be you or our young girls’ representation

We’re better than that

Just look at the great works all over Africa

And even here in America

There is a lot Black people have built and founded

But receive little to no credit

Leave it to historians, we were happy go lucky slaves

But that is the wrong mentality

That is the mentality of mainstream media

As they call us thugs and hoes

But call white mass murderers victims of mental illness

Now is time we take our power back and stand up for Ourselves

Reunite and forget all the color-isms for we are all black but just different shades of it

‘Cause aren’t we sick and tired of our black skin being labeled as a threat?

When we are just minding our business and living our life

As some Karen makes it her business to mind mine

As black bodies flood all over our timelines

‘Cause a cop felt threatened

Or gang member can’t shoot

Yet another black name becomes a hashtag

God only knows the exact count for many are swept under the rug as if their life didnt matter

Just like the strange fruit of our ancestors who built this country

Blood is on the slave masters’ hands

Blood is on law enforcement’s hands

They have been terrorizing our communities and people since the birth of this Nation

This Nation never intended to protect us

Or provide justice for US

They just keep adding to the body count

Adding blood to the soil

Adding more blood to their hands

But in vain your name will not be

Your name I will say

Your name I will remember

So Korryn Gaines, Pamela Turner, Sandra Bland, Breonna Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson, Shantel Davis and the many others

This is for you Queens

For it is in our hearts where you will live forever

Rest in power Queens

You got your wings now

Your beautiful spirits live on

The evils of this world can never harass you again

Fly high and may you rest in peace

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One Night Stay

One Night Stay
[From ‘I Am Kelz’ now available on]

Copyright 2011 by Kelly J. Newson

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Somewhere in New Orleans, its 5pm and five winners of a radio contest; Kai, Kerry, Brian, and Nicole are all arriving at the Bridgemont Estate, in which they have won a one-night stay. It’s been told through the years that this estate is haunted and that Dr. Bridgemont, his wife and kids all have all violently died in the estate. No one knows exactly if it was a homicide or murder-suicide, only that they all died very violently and the scenes were horrific; like something out of a horror movie.

As they get their bags from the van that brought them, Kerry notices something in the window on the third floor but doesn’t think too much of it; just thinks it’s just the wind moving the curtains.

As they each enter the house Brian asks, “Anyone hungry?” “I’m starved!” Kai says. “Yes!” Kerry and Nicole say agreeing. “Ok, I’ll see what I can whip up real quick,” Brian says, heading upstairs to put his bag up before walking into the kitchen leaving Kai, Nicole and Kerry standing in the living before they begin heading upstairs.

“So Kai, Nicole, you two scared?” Kerry asks. “Girl please, not even.” Kai says confidently, “What about you?” “A little. The stories I heard growing up aren’t exactly kid stories,” Kerry says looking around a little nervous. “Well, don’t worry about that, tonight we got each others’ back,” Nicole says, comforting Kerry as they begin making their way up the stairs and to their individual rooms.

Nicole puts her bag down in her room and heads downstairs to help Brian with dinner. She washes her hands and begins cutting up some vegetables and potatoes that Brian has out, as Brian grills some salmon steaks.

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“So Brian, where did you learn to cook?” “Kelz Culinary & Design School.” “Where’s that? Never heard of it.” “It’s in Washington D.C. I went there after graduating high school. I have always loved to cook.” “That’s good, so you’re not from New Orleans?” “No, I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY. But when my parents divorced my mom and I moved here to New Orleans and after high school I received a scholarship to attend college.”

“Very cool!” “Yeah, it’s a very tough school to get into but I got in and graduated at the top of my class too.” “Very cool!” “What about you? You from New Orleans?” Brian asks. “That I am, born and raised in the great N.O.,” Nicole says proudly. “You a cook?” “Oh geez no. Chemistry major. And now in my second year of medical school.” “Wow, we have a doctor in the house!” Brian says as he notices Kai entering the kitchen.

“What’s up? Kai, right?” he asks. “That’s right, what are you two up to?” “Just preparing dinner and getting to know each other?” “That’s cool, and I would help but the last time I attempted to cook I nearly burned down my apartment.” Kai says with a laugh. “So I guess I won’t ask you to flip over those salmon steaks huh?’ he says still joking.

Kai looks at him with a sarcastic face, “Anyway, you two know each other or is this your first time meeting?” “First time meeting.” Nicole and Brian almost say in cadence. “This our first time, I’m a second-year medical student.” Nicole adds. “That’s cool, I’m a biology major myself. Student during the day and Forensics intern with the New Orleans Police Department at night.” “That’s cool, any particular forensics have your interest?” Nicole asks. “Not really I just love science, but next year I start medical school at St. John’s where I will be studying to be a pathologist.” “What’s that?” Brian asks. “Basically the doctor who performs the autopsies.” “I couldn’t handle that,” Brian says. “Yeah well it’s not for everyone, so what is it that you do?” “Culinary student at Kelz Culinary and Design School.” “That explains you cooking, and by the way it smells delightful.” “Thank you and on that note dinner will be done in just a bit.” “Good because I’m starved!” Kai says.

“Awesome! I’ll go get Kerry,” Nicole says as she heads upstairs. Kai begins setting the table and Brian finishes dinner. Nicole hurries upstairs to get Kerry but when she gets closer to Kerry’s room she notices something strange.

She continues to move closer and in doing so hears chatter, which confuses her, because the only people upstairs are her and Kerry. Nicole moves closer to Kerry’s door, pushing it open slowly but there’s no one in the room not even Kerry herself. Kerry’s bags are on her bed zipped along with her purse sitting open and its contents spread amongst the bed.

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Stunned and now worried, Nicole runs downstairs back to the kitchen to tell Brian and Kai. “What’s up, you look spooked?” Kai asks, moving over to comfort Nicole. “Guys, Kerry is missing! And I know I heard two people arguing in her room,” Nicole says frantically.

Kai and Brian look at one another before Brian asks, “Two people? You sure?” “Yes!” Nicole says. “Maybe she snuck her blackberry in and she had an argument over the phone. Perhaps she had it on speakerphone then took a walk,” Kai says trying to calm Nicole down. “She left her purse though!” Nicole says. “Let’s all go up and look,” Brian says. Kai gestures in agreement as the three of them begin moving to the stairs and up to Kerry’s room.

As they enter into Kerry’s room it’s the same as when Nicole had ran out. They begin looking around the room then move to the other rooms and search the entire upstairs but find nothing. After about an hour of searching the entire upstairs and downstairs Kai, Brian and Nicole head downstairs to the kitchen and stand around the island when Brian asks, “Did she seem upset or like anything was bothering her last time you saw her Kai?” “No, she seemed fine she said she wanted to unpack some things then she’ll be downstairs to join us.” “Strange but let’s continue discussing over dinner and afterwards we’ll continue searching for her. I can’t think on an empty stomach.” Brian says. “Deal!” Kai says as Nicole nods and they begin to sit down and have dinner that Brian prepared.

Brian begins serving the food and as they pass it around Nicole notices something in the rice. She takes a closer look and notices that it is a pearl with blood on it. “Eww, where did this come from?” Nicole says, holding up the pearl with a spoon. Kai and Brian both spit out their food as they notice Nicole’s find. “Ok I think I have lost my appetite.” Kai says. “I second that, in fact I have had it with this house. I say we leave before something stranger happens.” Nicole says.

Just as Nicole finishes her food, they hear a loud scream that appears to come from upstairs. “What was that?” Nicole asks. Brian and Kai look at one another, “I don’t know but hopefully it’s Kerry and it’s nothing serious,” Kai says as they each get up and begin heading upstairs to investigate.

As they get closer to Kerry’s room they notice a shadow moving around inside, so they hurry to the door. As they push open the door they discover something gruesome.

Nicole screams as soon as she sees Kerry’s body sprawled out on the floor on her stomach with a knife in her back. “Guys, what the fuck just happened here?” Kai asks. “I don’t know but I’m sure as hell am not sleeping here tonight!” Nicole says. “Neither am I,” Kai adds. “We should definitely end this now, this has just been a little too strange and now with this. No way am I spending the night here tonight. I don’t think we’re alone in this house!” Brian says. “As crazy as that may seem I agree,” Kai says. “I’m scared!” Nicole says. “We all are,” Brian says looking around the room. “There’s a phone downstairs, perhaps we can call the radio station or 911 and get the hell out of here. I don’t care about surviving the night here anymore. I’m done!” Kai says as she begins heading back to the kitchen with Nicole and Brian right behind her. “One thing for sure from here on out we do not separate, got it?” Brian says. “Got it!” “Don’t have to tell me twice,” Nicole says.

Brian picks up the phone and to his surprise the line is dead, and as Brian hangs up the phone there’s a loud roaring outside that turns out to be thunder followed by lightning and the lights going out. After ten minutes the lights come back on and to their astonishment Nicole is gone. “Where did Nicole go?” Kai asks.

“That’s a good question, she wouldn’t just leave. She was way too scared.” Brian says. “Very true. And now I think I’m just as scared as her.”

Brian and Kai begin moving from the kitchen to the next room, the dining room and to their surprise they find Nicole sitting at the table. “Nicole, why did you leave?” Kai asks, putting her hand on Nicole’s back and as she does Nicole’s head falls off her shoulders and into the plate in front of her. Kai begins throwing up, and when she finishes says, “Dude I have seen some sick shit but this is by far the sickest.” “I agree, we have to get out of this house ASAP and get help!” Brian says grabbing Kai’s hand and leading her out the dining room and to the front door.

They try to open the front door but it seems jammed and for the moment they seem to be trapped inside. “Let’s try the door in the kitchen,” Brian says. “It leads to a graveyard though,” Kai says, scared and beginning to shake. “Yes but it’s out this house so come on and stay with me ok.” “Let’s hurry though I have to pee!” Kai says. “You can hold it until we reach safety?” “Yes! Now let’s go!” “Ok but if get startled again I hope you can hold it as well,” Brian says sarcastically. “Good point, there’s a bathroom near the kitchen, come with me please?” “Seriously?” “I’ll leave the door cracked just stand by it and if anything walk inside.” “You sure?” “Either that or I pee in a cup in front of you,” Kai says sarcastically. “Deal! Let’s do this and get the hell out of here.”

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Kai heads for the bathroom and as agreed, Brian stands by the cracked-open. As Kai finishes up and begins moving to the sink to wash her hands, she turns on the water and to her astonishment its raw sewage followed by blood. “Gross! Guess I’m not washing my hands.” Kai says as she begins to exit the bathroom but as she opens the door Brian is gone. “Brian!? Brian! This shit isn’t funny Brian, enough with the hide and seek.” Kai says as she continues to look for Brian.

Kai begins heading for the kitchen and proceeds to the back door. As she enters the kitchen she runs to the door and just like the front door, it is jammed. She heads for the storage cart in the corner to get some tools to open the door and notices some blood going down the cabinet. She opens the cabinet to find what appears to be Brian’s body stuffed inside.

Kai tries to scream but finds a hand over her mouth and nose as she falls unconsciously to the floor. Someone picks her up and begins carrying her out the house. Before they can reach the front door Kai wakes up and begins beating her attacker in the back and after a few pounds he drops her.

Kai lays on the floor in a bit of pain as her attacker who is wearing a ski mask stands over her before grabbing her legs and trying to drag her.

She kicks at him and with her pocket knife she stabs him in his right leg, he falls to knees. Kai notices the now open door and runs out the house.

She runs until she cannot run anymore making it to a coffee shop where she calls 911. Unfortunately, it’s not until the morning that any cops arrive and she can report what had happened.

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By: Kelly J. [Kelz] Newson

The one I want
The one my heart wants
As we’re kissing under the moonlight
And a light rain falling on us
I want you
You want me
You got me

But we both got outsiders wanting to talk to us
We not official
But hopefully in the future
I just donʼt want to get too attached
But I donʼt want to be too distant
Having you thinking I donʼt want you
When truthfully I want you most

Your company and love too
But we not there yet
Still working on some things
Guess Kelz and Yaz gotta wait a little bit longer for them titles

As I work on my patience
But in my heart you already Bae
Already got a piece of this heart too

Now I just wanna spend time
Getting to know you
Already know your favorite sexual positions
And some other things too

Now Iʼm talking getting to know all of you babe
As we prepare to open another chapter
Letʼs keep this story of ours going forward
Make it a never ending novel

’For Yaz; A Kelz and Yaz storyline’ out now on iBooks and

Blurred Vision [A short story]


Blurred Vision
[From ‘I Am Kelz’ now available on]

Copyright 2011 by Kelly J Newson

It’s been 10 years since Frankie James Encarnacion transferred from the NYPD to the FBI and its been five years since the disappearance of his five-year- old son, TJ, who was kidnapped and never found. Everyday Frankie wonders if he’s still alive but is also faced with the reality that he just may not be. He stays strong for his wife because without her he would have lost his sanity and through his son’s name he and his wife Nikki have set up a foundation for missing and exploited kids named, Tyler James Encarnacion.

Tyler James Encarnacion or as Frankie and his wife called him, TJ. TJ was a well-behaved kid, very outgoing and high energy. He loved to play football and soccer. He loved all sports but those were his favorites.

One Saturday afternoon, TJ was outside playing with friends in the yard with his mom just a few feet away watching. The phone rang and normally she would have ignored it, but she had been expecting this call. It was her husband Frankie calling back home in New York from DC to announce some good news about him getting the job with the FBI and so Nikki went to answer it, while telling TJ, “Stay where I can see you.” He acknowledged her and continued playing catch with his friends and as TJ turned back to catch the ball he missed it and it rolled to the street.

TJ knew better than to go into the street, but his friends were pressuring him to and eventually he went, and as he bent down to get it a man approached him and said, “I have one just like that, may I see?” Not knowing what to do TJ gave it to him and just as he does, his mom comes back out and she spots TJ near the street. She runs and grabs him, “TJ! What I say about strangers!”
“It was no problem ma’am.”
“Maybe not for you but for me it is.” She says as she grabs TJ and heads back inside but as Nikki turns the man taps her shoulder.

“His ball, I think he was retrieving this,” he says holding out the ball. She grabs it, “Thanks!” The man walks off whistling as Nikki and TJ continue into the house, Nikki doesn’t tell Frankie about what just happened for she doesn’t want to upset him over the phone.

3 weeks later

Its a Friday afternoon, TJ is getting out of school and his dad Frankie is surprising him by picking him up and taking him to Chuck E. Cheese. TJ is thrilled to see his dad and even more thrilled to be going to Chuck E. Cheese. However, today is no ordinary day. For as they make their way inside, they are greeted by Chuckie, and TJ gives him a high-five before running off to jump into the ball pit.

Frankie goes and grabs a table, orders some pizza then he goes and watches TJ play in the pit. TJ plays in the ball pit then he and his dad play some games until the pizza arrives at their table. When the pizza arrives, TJ heads for the restroom to wash his hands as his dad heads to the table to slice the pizza. Then he heads to the restroom to wash his hands. Upon entering the restroom he notices TJ isn’t in the restroom so he walks back out to check their table but TJ isn’t there either.

Frankie looks all around then checks outside but still no TJ. So he alerts a manager about TJ and his greatest fear is real and that was losing TJ.

The case made headlines for weeks but no sign of TJ anywhere. There would be sightings but it only turned out to be false and after about a month the case went completely cold. But Frankie and Nikki still held on to hope that their little boy would be found alive.

Now it‟s been five years since TJ’s disappearance. He would of been 10 years-old today and like his parents do every year, they light a candle and put a gift in his room which remains the same from the last time he was in it. It’s been a tough five years since the disappearance of their son TJ, and Frankie have since went on making a career out of profiling child predators all across the United States and around the world. Though he has no clue as to what happened to TJ he knows he was taken and dreads to think about what could be possible.

February 3, 2015

Its a Monday morning and as Frankie walks into his office in DC. He notices a file on his desk with an article that reads, ’10 year old found after 2 year search.’ He reads further into the article and when he finishes he notices that the kid found was one of TJ’s classmates and this same man fit the description of what his wife described when TJ was approached. “But could this really be the same guy. Could there be a connection?” Frankie ponders quietly.

Just as he finishes his though, Capt. Chambers enters his office.
“Good morning! How are you this weekend? It was your son’s birthday, am I right?” He says looking concerned.
“Yeah I‟m good, it was his 10th birthday. Man it gets harder and harder every year.”
“Yeah I couldn’t imagine losing a kid. You’re a strong guy I don’t know how I would deal if I was in your situation.” He says, taking a seat in front of Frankie’s desk.
“Yeah well, I put my faith in Him, He’s carried me thus far cause if I didn’t have my faith and my wife, I would of lost it long time ago.”
“Well I‟m glad to see you doing well….and with that being said I have a case for you. And as I can see, you have read the file.” He says looking at the open file on Frankie’s desk, just before rising to his feet.
“Yes, I was just reading it.”
“Good, so you know the case standing. The kid was found but the guy is still on the run. We believe he’s still in New York so airports, trains, bus stations you name it they are all on high alert. So I don’t think he‟ll be leaving unnoticed.”
“Good to know”

“And one more thing, I want you to travel to New York and be the eyes and ears for the FBI. I am putting you in charge of this one I have a case in California. So what you say?”
“I would have preferred the Cali one” he says jokingly, “But okay.”
“Okay, you leave first thing tomorrow morning”
“Sounds good.”
“Ok, call me when you land and make connect with the lead detective.”
“Will do”
As Captain Chambers exits, Frankie picks up the phone and calls his wife.
After about three rings she answer, “Good morning, Mrs. Encarnacion speaking.”
“Hey honey, how are you? Busy?”
“Oh hey babe, its good…I’m getting ready for court as we speak, what about you?”
“I am pretty good, I just got word that I will be flying out to New York tomorrow morning for a case.”
“Sounds good, what’s the details or can you say?”
“Well I can say that it is a kidnapping case, remember Jayson Remini?”
“Yes, that was one of TJ’s classmates, he went missing a year before TJ.”
“Yes you got it, and well that’s the case I am investigating. He was found but his kidnapper is still at large.”
“Well that’s some good news.”
“Yes it is”
“And you think you can handle this case?”
“Yes, of course”
“Ok just checking and when you leave again?” “Tomorrow morning.”
Good we can still have dinner tonight.”
“Of course, see you tonight and I love you!”
“Love you too!”
Both hang up. Frankie sits down and continues to look over the file. The rest of the day progresses really fast for Frankie. He does some lab work looking over DNA samples and works on some paperwork. At 5:00 pm, Frankie heads back to office to pack up and head home for the day. At 6:00 pm, Frankie is pulling into his garage and notices that his wife isn’t home yet. He puts his Benz in park, takes out his iPhone and calls his wife. After a few rings and Nikki picks up, Frankie notices a little boy covered in mud and leaves staring at him from inside the garage.
The little boy resembles TJ a lot. Frankie, forgetting that his wife is on the phone, immediately jumps out his car and begins calling for him but he doesn’t move. Nikki still on the line with her husband pulls up to the driveway and notices her husband on one knee, arms stretched and talking to the wall. She approaches him trying not to startle him, “Frankie! Sweetie you alright?” She says putting an arm around him just before he snaps out of it.
“Huh yeah I am good, you just getting here?” Frankie says as he looks as if he’s seen a ghost. “Yeah I just pulled up, what were you doing? Everything ok?” She asks.
“Yeah, Yeah, everything is ok.” He says looking unsure.
However, his wife isn’t convinced but doesn’t push it and quickly changes the subject.
“So, where we eating tonight?” She asks.
“I thought we go to Kelz Grill, your fav.”
“Sounds good, want to take my car or we taking yours?”
“Uh…lets take yours.”

“Ok, shall I drive?” She asks.
“No, I will.” he says, still a little shaken up.
“You sure you ok?‟
“Yeah I‟m sure.” He says as he gives her a kiss.
Frankie gets back into his car and continues to park his car before he and his wife head out for dinner in her range rover.


Frankie and Nikki enter Kelz Grill and just as they are seated, Frankie excuses himself to the restroom. As Frankie finishes up in the restroom he hears a strange noise in one of the stalls. At first he doesn’t pay attention but suddenly the noise grows bigger as he finishes washing his hands. Just as he begins to exit he notices a little boy staring at him in the mirror but as soon as he turns around he disappears.
“What is going on with me?” He says to himself silently.
Just as he finishes his thought his phone rings nearly startling him. It’s his wife asking if everything is ok. Frankie quickly replies that, “Everything is ok,” before hanging up and heading back out. As he approaches his wife she immediately notices something strange about him and asks, “What took you so long? Everything ok?”
“Uh, I had some bad Chinese food for lunch that‟s all….you order yet? I am starved!” He says looking over the menu as if everything is ok.
However, she isn’t convinced, “If something were wrong you would tell me right?”
“Yes of course.”
Nikki says nothing further just continues looking over the menu and after about fifteen minutes, the waiter returns to take their orders and afterwards Nikki and Frankie continue on with their conversation.
“So how was your day?” Frankie asks.
“Pretty good, had court first thing this morning then some meetings afterwards. It’s been a busy day but a productive one. What about you?” Nikki says taking a sip of her water.
“Well not as busy as yours…” He says jokingly. “But productive as well, I was able to finally close a case I’ve been on for months. But now I’m right back on a new one which is the one I am going to New York for.”
Just as Frankie gets his thoughts out, the waiter returns with their food, “Ma’am your grilled salmon and sir your New York strip. May I get you anything else?”
Frankie and Nikki eye each other then Frankie says, “A bottle of Ace of Spade.” “Coming right up.”
“Ace huh….so you know when you‟ll be back?” Nikki asks.
“Well the Captain didn’t say but I’m thinking a few weeks but who knows.
“I see, and you sure you‟ll be okay with this case?”
“I hope so, because you haven‟t been yourself tonight.”
“What you mean?”
The waiter approaches, “Your champagne. May I get you anything else?” He says, pouring the champagne into their glasses.
“That’ll be it for now, thank you!” Nikki says.
“Ok, and enjoy your meal.”

They each smile then get back to their conversation.
“Ok now back to us. Tonight you have been acting strangely. You really had me worried earlier tonight when I pulled up to the garage, you were calling out TJ‟s name.”
“Yes, and it has me worried about if you can handle this new case that you’re on. Maybe you should see a therapist.”
“No, I will be fine, I…we took time off already”
“Yes, but if you still need time to talk to someone then maybe you should at least think about it.” She says, almost pleading.
“I will think about it.”
“Okay, and babe I love you and I am here for you always ok?”
“ I know, and I love you too.”
They continue on with dinner talking about each other’s day, politics and sports. Nikki surprises her husband with a new watch she bought for him earlier in the day. Frankie is surprised and loves his new gift and immediately puts it on and takes off the current watch he is wearing. “Thanks honey, I really like this,“ he says leaning across the table to kiss his wife. “And on that note, are we ordering dessert or you ready to get out of here?”
“Well I am full but if you want to you go right ahead.”
“Ok, well then I guess I will try some apple pie and how about a walk on the beach afterward?” “Sounds good!” She says waving for the waiter to come over. The waiter approaches.
“May I get you two anything else? Dessert?”
“A slice of apple pie.”
“Ok and anything for you ma‟am?”

“No, I am quite full but after his apple pie if you could please bring the check, thank you!.”
“Ok, and no problem, be right back.”
A few minutes pass and the waiter is back with Frankie’s apple pie and the check. “Here you go sir, and ma’am and I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening!”
“Thank you!” Nikki says taking the check and looking it over while Frankie eats his pie. “Everything ok on the check?” Frankie asks
“Yes, everything is good!” She says taking out her American Express and placing inside and writing out how much for tip.
“So how much you tipping?”
“don‟t worry about that, I got this.” She says, smiling at her husband and placing the check on the edge of the table for the waiter to pick up.
The waiter returns, grabs the check and disappears to the register then returns with the card. “Thank you for coming out tonight to Kelz Grill. We look forward to seeing you again and we hope you enjoyed your meal.” He says, grabbing their plates.
“Well thank you and yes we did, and thank you for your excellent service.” Nikki says.
“Same here, dinner was amazing and we will be back.” Frankie says.
“Glad you enjoyed, enjoy the rest of your evening.” The waiter says carrying off the plates. “Well that was fun,” Frankie says.
“Yes it was. you ready?”
“Yes I am”
Frankie and Nikki both proceed to exit the restaurant and to Nikki’s car where the valet is waiting with the keys.


Frankie and Nikki are at the beach walking along the water hand in hand and conversing about the Washington Wizards win tonight over the Chicago Bulls.
“It’s a beautiful night out,” Nikki says. “And I know you saw the score for the game tonight, huh?” “Yes I did!” He says, putting his arm around her and kissing her forehead.
“You ever thought of having another one?” “Huh? Another what?”
“Another kid…”
“Oh” He says. “Not really.”
“What you mean?”
Suddenly Nikki stops, faces her husband and looks him in the eye. “So you don’t want another?” “I would love a little girl.”
“What if it’s a boy?”
“Well that’s the dilemma I’ve always had, another boy will be like a replacement of TJ.”
“I see, but honey TJ can never be replaced. He will forever be our son, and we will continue our search for our son. Besides, he always wanted a little brother or sister…” she says gazing off towards the ocean and nearly in tears. “It would be like granting his wish.”
Frankie wraps his arm around her tighter, “It’s alright, so you’ve been giving this some thought, huh?”
“Yes for the last two years, but I wasn’t sure how to approach you about it.”
“Babe, you can talk to me about anything. I don’t want you to ever worry about talking to me about anything, ok?”
Nikki looks at her husband and nods.

“Now I tell you what when I get back from New York we can…” just as Frankie is speaking he sees a little boy just up ahead heading into the water. “Hey!” He yells at him just before running towards him leaving his wife wondering what’s up.
“Frankie!” She yells.
Frankie runs after the boy but when he gets close he’s gone. His wife comes running from behind him, “Frankie! something’s wrong, tell me what’s up babe!” She says almost pleading. “I…I…I saw…”
“You saw what?”
“It’s nothing, you ready to head home? I’m tired that’s all”
Nikki just looks at Frankie then answers, “Yeah let’s go home.”

The car ride home is quiet not a word is said and Nikki just stares at her husband like he’s a mystery waiting to be solved.

The next morning Frankie is up and at the airport at 8:00 am. Nikki has already left for work. She left a little note on the fridge for Frankie saying, “Sorry I couldn’t see you before you left this morning. I have court at 7:40 sharp. Hope you have a safe flight and call me when you land.” After Frankie reads the note, he stuffs it in his pocket and continues getting ready for his flight and at 9:00 am Frankie is at the airport awaiting to board his flight to New York. Just before boarding he calls his wife but there’s no answer so he leaves a voicemail. “Hey babe, this Frankie. Sorry about last night, been under a lot of stress lately. When I get back we will talk about this .Love you and I will call you when I land.” Frankie hangs up and boards his plane. The trip from D.C to New York is nice and short. Frankie arrives in New York in no time. When he lands there is a detective waiting for him. “Agent Encarnacion?” he asks.
“Who‟s asking?”
“I‟m Detective James with the NYPD.”
“Nice to meet you, I’m Agent Encarnacion but you can just call me Frankie.”
“Well nice to meet you Frankie. Welcome to New York!”
“You ever been here?”
“When I was little, I lived in Brooklyn and about 10 years ago I was with NYPD.”
“Really?! Which division?“
“I was Forensics, and had a lot of cases in Brooklyn and Manhattan.”
“Well this should be some kind of a homecoming.”
“What you mean?”
“Well this case stems from Brooklyn”
“Really?” He says a little eerie now.

“Yeah, that’s…you ok?”
“Yeah, I just need to call my wife and check in with Captain Chambers.”
“Ok, I’m gone grab some coffee, you want a cup?”
“No thank you.” Frankie says heading over to a quiet area of the airport to call his wife and Captain Chambers. Frankie calls his wife first.
“Good morning honey, so you made it to New York?” Nikki asks.
“Yeah, I just landed and it went by rather smoothly!”
“Good to hear!”
“Yeah and listen babe, sorry about last night and I promise when I get back I will tell you everything.”
“So how are you this morning? How’s the case coming along?‟
“My morning is coming along, I am actually on a short recess right now and by the looks of it, I am gonna be here all day.”
Just as Nikki finishes her statement Frankie notices Detective James is headed his way and signals for him to hold for a second. “Well babe looks like you have a busy day ahead of you and mine is just beginning. Matter of fact, the lead detective is here and ready to go so I’ll call you tonight and I love you.”
“Ok and I love you too!”
Frankie hangs up and as he begins walking towards Detective James he calls Captain Chambers and fills him in on his arrival to New York. Frankie and Detective James begin heading out the airport and to a black Chevy Impala that is parked outside across the way in a parking garage, then making their way to the police department still getting acquainted with one another. “So how long you been with NYPD?” Frankie asks.
“Two years, I just made detective six months ago.”
“You married? Kids?‟
“No kids and as far as marriage goes you have to ask my partner because I want to get married but he….”
“Yes, I‟m gay. Will there be a problem?”
“No, not at all…”
“So before here, detective, where were you?”
“What made you change?”
“I needed a change of pace, plus, I have always wanted to work forensics. And when this job became available, I went for it, but this its just temporary.”
“What you mean?”
“I want to practice law. I am just trying to save up so I can go to law school.”
“What kind of law?‟
“Law and social change at Harvard. I want to fight for gays & lesbians who want to marry and or adopt.”
“Well I wish you the best of luck with that, I know you will do well you seem like a bright young man.”
“Well thank you and if you don’t mind me asking, why did you leave New York?”
“An opportunity presented itself. The FBI had an opening and so I went for it. I too was looking for a change of pace.”
“But you’re not doing forensics.” Detective James says pulling into the parking lot of the police department. Detective James parks and they continue chatting as they get out and begin walking in. “So why did you transfer to the FBI even though you were giving up on forensics?”
“It’s not always about you and what you want.”
Detective James looks on dumbfounded. Frankie stops, and turns to Det. James, “Detective….?”
“Call me Terrance.”
“So your initials are TJ?….“
“Yes it is, I was named after my paternal grandfather.”
Feeling a little strangely Frankie continues, “Sometimes life changes and sometimes you won’t always like those changes, but you have to go forward with them or else you get left behind. I left New York because an opportunity presented itself and yes it meant a change in my job description, but I was put in the position to do better for my….for my family.” Frankie says a little choked up.
“You alright?”
“Yeah, I‟m good. just promise me this, you will make the best decisions not just for you but for your family at all times?”
“Yes of course”
“Ok, I had my Dr Phil moment for today.” Frankie says chuckling, “Shall we?” He says gesturing to the door.
“Lets’ Terrance says letting out a laugh.
Frankie and Terrance enter the police station and into a conference room where a meeting with Mayor Kerri Brown is set to begin.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, glad everyone could make it and welcome back to New York Frankie.” the Mayor says.
“Thanks!” Frankie says taking a seat.
Terrance takes a seat next to him and whispers, “You two know each other?”
“Yes, she was on the city council when I left New York and she went to Spelman College with my wife.” “I see.”
“Yeah and she’s a no nonsense type person, so pay attention.”
Terrance nods and retreats back to the mayor who is now speaking.
“Ladies and gentlemen, we are here because we have a child predator running around the city of New York. There have been five kidnappings in the last five weeks. That’s one kid missing each week, but he’s been quiet for two weeks.”
“You think he’s planning something big?” Frankie says interrupting
“He may be and if he is, all schools all over this city have been put on high alert. Police last week raided an old warehouse where a little boy was found and later on an old run down house where we found photos of the victims and one of him, possibly. We have since plastered this picture all over the city. Bus stations, train stations, airports and the harbor are all at their highest security. I want this asshole caught before he strikes again. This is my city and I will not let some scumbag jeopardize the safety of the citizens in it!” Kerri says intensely. Frankie raises his hand to say something. “This kid who was found, what is he saying?” “Nothing. He remembers nothing, doctors found high amounts of Valium in his system in intensive care at Phyllis Wheatly Memorial.”
“I see…” Frankie says taking note. “You have any suggestions?‟

“Well maybe, if it’s ok with the parents, I would like to talk with this kid or have a psychiatrist speak with him.”
“He’s been through enough plus I don’t think that’ll be possible.”
“Well, I say give him another day, then maybe he will remember something.”
“Well what kind of evidence we have?”
“Very little, there was some blood found on his jacket and skin under the boy’s nails.”
“Good, I want to take a look at all that.”
“Ok and Det. James will help you with that anything else you may need?”
“Ok and now with that said, lets catch this SOB!”
Frankie and Terrance exit the conference room, Frankie gets a phone call. He checks the ID, its private but he still answers it, but there is no answer just breathing before a dial tone is heard. “What‟s up?” Terrance asks.
“Nothing, just the wrong number.” Frankie says still looking at his iPhone before putting it in his pocket.
“Don’t sweat it, we got bigger fish to fry like this asshole we gotta catch.”
“Yeah, your right.” Frankie says, as he and Terrance continue down the hallway to the lab. But before entering, Frankie excuses himself to the restroom. Upon entering the restroom Frankie notices something scribbled on the mirror, saying “Help Me!” Frankie looks around but no one is around. He proceeds to use the restroom and when he finishes he notices a little boy staring at him by the window. Frankie turns around almost startled then calls out to him, “TJ!” But there is no response the boy just disappears. “What is going on with me?” Frankie mumbles quietly then splashes his face with water before heading back to the lab where Terrance is awaiting.
“Can I ask you a question?
“Sure!” Terrance turns and gives Frankie his attention.
“You believe in ghosts?
“No, afraid not….Where is this coming from?”
“Just curious”
“Well it looks like you just saw a ghost.”
“No, I’m just giving you a hard time…you’re good,” Terrance says jokingly.
Frankie lets out a chuckle, “So what we got here?” Frankie asks, putting on gloves and preparing to investigate the evidence.
“This is the kid’s jacket. It has some blood on it and his pants has urine and it’s already been tested and results show that it belongs to the kid. Also these are the skin cells, that were found under his fingernails.” Terrance says moving the evidence closer to Frankie when in walks Mayor Kerri Brown in a haste, “Bad news!”
“What is it?” Frankie asks.
“The boy has died.”
Stunned from this information Frankie nearly drops the evidence on the ground. “Where is he?” “The coroner’s office.”
“Well…hopefully the autopsy will help piece together this puzzle.” Frankie says.
“That’s just it, the boy’s parents don‟t want one performed.”
“But that’s what we need, it may…” Frankie says.

Shrugging her shoulders in surrender Kerri says, “That’s what his parents want.”
“Can I speak with them, are they here?”
“They are in the coroner‟s office.” Kerri says gesturing down the hallway.
Frankie says nothing just begins heading down to the coroner’s office where he introduces himself to the grieving parents who are preparing to leave.
“Excuse me, sir…”Frankie says, tapping the father on the shoulder. “May I speak with you and your wife for a moment?”
“We have nothing to say to you,” the father says, responding to Frankie with an attitude.
“But I have something to say to you.”
At this point the father is rather impatient, but he turns to Frankie anyway, “Go ahead” “Sir…”
“Mr. Raize”
“Mr. Raize, you see we need an…”
“If it’s an autopsy the answer is no, my son has suffered enough..” “Sir I understand but…”
“But nothing the answer is no!”
Mr. Raize begins to walk off with his wife.
“Sir I say this father to father, I was once in your place,” Frankie says pleading. Mr. Raize stops and turns around, “What? You have no idea how I feel.”
“Sir I lost my son a few years ago, and he is still missing…”
This causes Mr. Raize to turn around and begin walking back, “Really!?”
“So tell me this why should me and my wife authorize an autopsy?”

“Because if we find any similar findings to what we found in another victim we can make a connection.”
“Well tell me this, would you authorize an autopsy if you were in my shoes?”
“In a heartbeat, to keep another parent from feeling my pain would help me sleep better at night. The pain will still be there but I am helping by bringing about justice and some peace of mind.” “You make a good point, let me and my wife discuss this…”
“Sir, I don’t want to rush you, but we need to act fast.”
Mr. Raize looks at his wife, “Ok an autopsy can be performed but immediately following, his body is to be released to my wife and I. “
“Yes and thank you…sir, ma’am!” Frankie says shaking Mr. Raize‟s hand then gesturing his gratitude to Mrs. Raize.
Frankie walks over to the coroner and tells him to begin the autopsy.

The following day Frankie is up at 6:00 am at his hotel looking through photos that were found at an old abandoned house. And one in particular catches his attention. Frankie notices the shirt that one of the little boys in the photo is wearing a rather familiar shirt and the house in the background is familiar too.

As he looks closer he notices that the house is the same house that he, his wife and TJ lived in before moving to D.C. Frankie grabs his iPhone and calls Terrance and Mayor Kerri for them to meet him in thirty minutes at the police department. Frankie hangs up then calls his wife at home but no answer so he calls her cell and still no answer. So, he leaves a voicemail, “Hey honey its Frankie. MJust giving you a call to check in on you, I will talk to you later.” Frankie hangs up and begins packing the photos and his Macbook up when his wife Nikki calls, “Hey honey, I see you just called me not to long ago? How are you?”
“Yes, I did just wanted to check in on you, how are you this morning?”
“I’m good, I was just walking into my office, getting the day started.”
“Good to hear, how’s the case coming along?”
“It’s coming along, this a tough one that‟s all I can say. So, how’s things in New York?” “It’s coming along, got some new developments, we„ll see how that goes. Yeah well Mrs. Thomas,one of the other senior partners is calling for me, we have a meeting. Love you!” “Ok, talk to you tonight and love you too!”
Both hang up, Frankie grabs his briefcase with his Macbook and the photos and heads out the

As he looks closer he notices that the house is the same house that he, his wife and TJ lived in before moving to D.C. Frankie grabs his iPhone and calls Terrance and Mayor Kerri for them to meet him in thirty minutes at the police department. Frankie hangs up then calls his wife at home but no answer so he calls her cell and still no answer. So, he leaves a voicemail, “Hey honey its Frankie. MJust giving you a call to check in on you, I will talk to you later.” Frankie hangs up and begins packing the photos and his Macbook up when his wife Nikki calls, “Hey honey, I see you just called me not to long ago? How are you?”
“Yes, I did just wanted to check in on you, how are you this morning?”
“I’m good, I was just walking into my office, getting the day started.”
“Good to hear, how’s the case coming along?”
“It’s coming along, this a tough one that‟s all I can say. So, how’s things in New York?” “It’s coming along, got some new developments, we„ll see how that goes. Yeah well Mrs. Thomas,one of the other senior partners is calling for me, we have a meeting. Love you!” “Ok, talk to you tonight and love you too!”
Both hang up, Frankie grabs his briefcase with his Macbook and the photos and heads out the do

As he looks closer he notices that the house is the same house that he, his wife and TJ lived in before moving to D.C. Frankie grabs his iPhone and calls Terrance and Mayor Kerri for them to meet him in thirty minutes at the police department. Frankie hangs up then calls his wife at home but no answer so he calls her cell and still no answer. So, he leaves a voicemail, “Hey honey its Frankie. Just giving you a call to check in on you, I will talk to you later.” Frankie hangs up and begins packing the photos and his Macbook up when his wife Nikki calls, “Hey honey, I see you just called me not to long ago? How are you?”
“Yes, I did just wanted to check in on you, how are you this morning?”
“I’m good, I was just walking into my office, getting the day started.”
“Good to hear, how’s the case coming along?”
“It’s coming along, this a tough one that‟s all I can say. So, how’s things in New York?” “It’s coming along, got some new developments, we’ll see how that goes. Yeah well Mrs. Thomas, one of the other senior partners is calling for me, we have a meeting. Love you!” “Ok, talk to you tonight and love you too!”
Both hang up, Frankie grabs his briefcase with his Macbook and the photos and heads out the door to his rented Chevy Tahoe.
On his way to the conference room he was mouthing something. “Frankie!?” Mayor Kerri Brown says.
It doesn’t take long for Frankie to get to the police department but before he enters he notices a little boy standing in a dark Frankie begins to move closer but he disappears.

“Huh?” He says as if snapping out of a trance.
“You alright? You were just calling TJ’s name. ”
“I’m fine, I’m good!” Frankie says looking back over into the hallway that is cold, dark and vacant.
Kerri looks over and sees nothing as well, “You sure you ok, because Nikki said you were acting strangely before you left D.C?”
“I‟m fine.”
“Well if anything you can come to me.”
Kerri gives Frankie a little pat on the shoulder. “So, what’s so important you wanted to meet?”
“I have something to show you, conference room?” He says gesturing to the conference room just up ahead.
Frankie and Kerri enter the conference room. They each have a seat across from each other. Frankie spreads the photos and points to the one that caught his attention, “Look at this one, does he look familiar?”
Kerri looks at the photo for a few seconds, “Oh my God! Frankie is this…”
“That’s what I was thinking, and look at the date on it. It was taken just before we moved to DC.”
“I see, you think its all the same guy? Or someone else took TJ?”
“It could be two different guys but I can’t say just yet. Where were these photos taken from?”
“It was an old house in Brooklyn. A couple officers were out serving a warrant and arrested a man for drug possession and intent to sell to a minor.”

“Is he still behind bars?”
“No, he was released yesterday morning. Why what‟s up? You think he‟s a suspect?”
“He might be, is that house the only known address for him?”
“I believe so.”
“I guess we gone need some help from lady luck then. I’m gone go investigate it further.”
“Don‟t you think you should take backup.”
“I’ll be fine, I will call if anything.” Frankie begins rising to his feet and in doing so there’s a knock at the door. “Come in.” Kerri says.
Terrance walks in and has a seat.
“You’re late.” Frankie says closing the door as Terrance comes.
“Yeah my mom was hospitalized last night. It was a heart attack but she’s stable now. what did I miss?”
“I was getting ready to head out to check out a lead. We may have a possible suspect, he was released yesterday morning and may be back in Brooklyn.” Frankie says as he walks over to where Terrance and Kerri are sitting and out the corner of his eye he sees a little boy standing in the corner behind Kerri. Frankie becomes fixated on him forgetting what he was doing.. “Frankie!” Kerri says standing and placing a hand on his shoulder then gently shakes him. Frankie snaps out of it, looks at Kerri and Terrance then he looks over at the corner again but the boy is gone.
Kerri looks at him intrigued, “you alright?”
“Yes I’m fine.”
“Who is TJ? Terrance asks.

“You were saying his name.”
“Oh uh…”
“TJ is his son.” Kerri says interrupting
“Can I ask you two something?” Frankie says
“Sure,” Kerri says.
“Yeah sure anything.”
“Do you believe in ghosts?”
They both look at each other then back at Frankie, Kerri speaks first. “I believe there are spirits among us, so yes I guess.”
“Ok that’s fair, and you Terrence?”
“You asked me this before and still the answer is no.”
“Why do you ask? Kerri asks.
“Well…there’s something I have been struggling with.”
Terrence’s phone goes off, it’s his partner, “it’s my partner David with some news about my mom I need to take this.” He says, getting up and leaving the room.
“Ok, I will fill you in later.” Frankie says.
Terrence just nods as Frankie and Kerri continue. “So Frankie you were saying you were struggling with something?”
“Oh, uh…how can I say this?” Frankie says, veering off to the corner again.
Kerri turns to the corner but there’s nothing, “Frankie, what is it?”
“Ok, there’s no easy way to say this so I will just say it…I have been seeing TJ, I think…I mean I could be wrong and its someone else….”
“Ok, so where have you been seeing him?”

“I don’t know, it’s like I see him but when I call out his name or approach him, he disappears. I know sounds strange huh, you think I’m crazy huh”
“No of course not, am I the first to know about this?”
“Yes, I started to tell Nikki….but I haven’t, yet.”
“And you should, in fact next time you two talk you have to tell her ok?” “I know, it’s just…”
“Frankie, she’s your wife she will understand and will be there for you. Shes already worried sick about you, just tell her please!”
“Ok I will tonight.”
“Good, and you know we talk so you better tell her.“ Kerri says, giving Frankie a little playful shove. “Now back to this case, you and Terrance investigate that house and I’ll handle things here. Just keep me posted on anything you find.” Kerri says changing the topic.
“Will do.”
As Frankie and Kerri exit the conference room, they are met by a college student who appears to be in his 20’s and who quickly snaps a picture of them before taking off running down the hall but he is caught just before exiting by another officer. Frankie hurries down to him and takes the camera as he’s handcuffed. Frankie has him escorted into an interrogation room and as they enter, Frankie gives the camera to Terrence as he comes up from behind, “Here, guard this with your life. No one sees it, got it. You can stand and watch the interrogation with Mayor Brown.” He says pointing to the viewing room.
“Got it”
Frankie walks in the interrogation room, tosses a folder on the table and has a seat across from the guy and before turning on the tape recorder he asks, “Name?”

At first he doesn’t respond but after ten minutes he responds, “Victor Sanchez”
Frankie takes note of that then turns on the tape recorder. “This is Det. Encarnacion of the FBI here interrogating Victor Sanchez as a possible suspect…”
“I didn’t do anything!” Victor says abruptly interrupting. “Why am I suspect, why am I here?” “That’s what I want to know.”
“He told me to get a picture, so that’s what I did”
Looking more intrigued and leaning in closer, Frankie asks, “Who told you?”
“I can’t say” he says looking towards the mirror.
“Why not?”
“Because if I do, he will kill my little brother.”
“Ok well answer me this, is your brother one of the boys to go missing in the last few weeks.?” “Yes!”
Frankie opens the folder and spreads the photos out, “Is your brother in any of these photos?” Victor leans forward and looks through the photos, “This my brother, he’s the one with the Yankee baseball cap. Where’d you get this?”
“Sorry, can’t say!” Frankie says preparing to get up and leave.
“Ok, ok the guy who told me to take the picture…his name is Brian.”
Frankie turns around and stands partially in the door, “He have a last name? Could you describe him?”
“I don’t know a last name, and I never saw him, we always talked over the phone or email. He said he wanted revenge against you.”
Victor nods, “he said you’ll pay for what you did.”

Frankie looks confused, “What I did?”
“That‟s what he said.”
“What was the meaning behind the picture you snapped?”
“Well a few years ago, there were rumors….he didn’t say, but he seemed keen on getting a picture with both you and the Mayor together. Just you two.”
Frankie heads back over the table, turns off the recording and leans in closer to Victor, “You know what this rumor was about?”
“No, he was very limited in the info he gave”
“So you have no idea?” Frankie still isn’t convinced, “You’re holding back information.”
“No! seriously, He said nothing about you two to me. I thought it was odd too, but he told me to get the picture in 24 hours or I will never see my brother again.”
“Ok and say I believed you what is your next move for the picture?”
“Take it to a P.O Box in Manhattan, he said he would be there to pick up but no cops!”
Frankie glances at the mirror where on the other side Kerri and Terrance are watching before continuing. “I tell you what a detective in plain clothes will be follow you and will watch for when he picks up the package. You wont know what he looks like or where he is but he will be there and if you give off any signal that he is there, I„ll arrest you myself understood?” “Understood but he’ll know something’s up.”
“Only if you hint that there’s something up, all you gotta do is make the drop then leave.”
“Then will I be free from police custody?”
“Maybe, depends if you’re telling the truth.”
“But I am, I just told you everything I know. I want nothing to do with this sick twisted pervert, I just want my brother back!”

“We’ll see soon enough huh” Frankie says rising to his feet once again and heading out but before he exits. Victor says something, “So detective, in those photos, is one of those boys your son?”
Frankie stops at the door and turns back around, “What did you just say?”
“In the photos you showed me, is your son in one of them?”
“This has nothing to do with me.” Frankie says turning to open the door.
“But this guy is making it about you. you got secrets detective?”
“shut your fucking face, you know nothing of what your saying.”
“I know enough.” he says smirking.
Frankie bum rushes Victor, knocking him out the chair . Terrence and another officer rush in to get Frankie off him and as they restrain each of them Victor begins mouthing off.
“Yeah I knew it, you are that cop. You left New York because of what you did, you feel guilt officer?!”
“Shut up! ” Terrence says
“You cant hide the truth for too long, cause it always comes out.”
Terrence smacks Victor, “I said shut up. Officer, get him out of here.”
As the officer escorts Victor away Terrence approaches Frankie who is standing across the room in a corner just staring at what’s happening. “What is he talking about?
“Long story.”
“We got time” Terrence says taking a seat on the table.
“Let‟s go somewhere more private.”
“Ok, how about my office?”
“That’ll be good.”

Frankie and Terrence head to Terrence’s office and just before entering Frankie sees the little boy, he stops suddenly and just watches him. He’s mouthing something, but Frankie can’t read what he is saying. Meanwhile Terrence stands beside him wondering what’s going on, “Frankie….Frankie!”
But Frankie doesn’t budge just continues looking at the boy then suddenly Frankie flashes back five years. He’s in an old abandon house in Brooklyn, he was called there because some teens were spray painting the walls, smoking and drinking. As he entered the house there was no one, he continued searching and as he went upstairs he heard chatter in one of the rooms. So he approached and entered quietly pushing the door open with one finger but it creaked and some teens in another room became alerted to his presence and one of the boys bum rushed him from behind knocking him down and as they wrestled Frankie’s gun slid away from him and as Frankie continued to wrestle the boy he finally pinned him and as he begin to cuff him another boy approached and kicked Frankie in the ribs, Frankie reached for his taser and tased one of them but another charged him from behind causing the taser to slid away too. Frankie eventually got one of the boys cuffed but the oldest was still trying to attack Frankie so he grabbed what looked like his taser to only find out it was his gun, shooting the teen in his stomach. Frankie immediately called for an ambulance but the boy died before they arrived. “Frankie!” Terrance says trying to snap him out of his daze.
Frankie snaps out of it and says, “I know who the guy is.”
Terrance looks on confused, “What guy? Who?”
“The guy who wants revenge on me. The guy behind the kidnappings.”
“Really, who?”
Frankie calls over Kerri, and then gestures for her and Terrence to enter the office.

“What’s up?” Kerri asks.
“I think I may know who our suspect is.”
“Who?” Kerri asks
“Brian Hester.”
“You sure?” Kerri asks.
“Yes, it all makes sense now.”
“Wow, wow, wow, whats going on here?” Terrence asks.
“You see it was his son who I accidentally killed. I was investigating an abandoned house cause there was a report of teens doing drugs and one of which was armed. You see, I left New York because I shot a kid. It was an accident and he died before the ambulance could get to the hospital. It was a total accident but his father doesn’t believe me and the other kid who witnessed it lied on the witness stand so I was suspended without pay and through the plea deal I was able to move to the FBI but I couldn’t return to NYPD. You understand now?”
“Oh, so you think this guy Brian Hester the father of the son you shot is the guy after you?” “Yes, and he also the one behind the kidnappings including my son. He thinks I have moved on and living the good life but if only he knew the nightmares I have, and the other shit that I go through…this shit has gotten to me. Even if I could go back to NYPD I wouldn’t, that’s part of my life I want back to do over, its tough living with the fact that I shot my only nephew and he died at my own hands.”
“Shit man I didn’t know, I am so sorry‟ Terrence says.
“Yeah only a few people knew my relation to the boy and its been eating at me ever since and if it weren’t for my wife, I would of lost it and be in a mental asylum somewhere.”
Terrance stands silent and Kerri moves closer to console Frankie. “its alright, we are going to catch this bastard. Can you carry on with this case?” She asks.
Frankie nods, “I will be fine, I’m just gone go follow up on that lead.”
“You taking back up?” Kerri asks
“No, I need some time by myself, if anything I’ll call.”
“Ok” Kerri says as she and Terrance watch Frankie head out. Kerri exits the office and Terrence sits at his desk and works on some paperwork.
Frankie disappears into the elevator and upon exiting the elevator, he races out and to his rented Tahoe, hopping inside and to his astonishment, sees the boy sitting in the passenger seat saying, “Help me!‟
“What do you want? Who are you? How am I suppose to help you?”
But the boy gives no response and Frankie is left sitting in his car. He puts his head on his steering wheel and after about three minutes starts his engine and pulls off. It takes him about 20 minutes to reach his destination. Frankie parks two houses down from the house he is investigating and upon walking up the driveway he notices the little boy again only this time he is standing in the living room near the window looking out at him, warning him about something. However, Frankie proceeds to the front door and inside the house where he almost turns around and goes back to his truck but he doesn’t, he continues inside keeping unholstering his gun and searching the living room, kitchen and the entire downstairs when he hears noises coming from upstairs. It sounds like someone is walking around, Frankie grabs his iPhone and calls Terrence, and tells him where he is and to get there asap and no sirens and after hanging up Frankie turns on the HD video camera on his iPhone and tucks it neatly in a top pocket so that everything he comes across is captured on camera. Frankie continues slowly creeping up the stairs and can’t help that the stairs are creaking as he moves up. Once at the top of the stairs he sees a body lying what looks to be an unconscious little boy. Frankie cautiously hurries to his aid and checks his breathing and pulse and upon doing so a man comes up from behind and hits Frankie in the abdominal then takes another swing at his head. Frankie falls face down, blood pouring from his head and he can taste his own blood.
“Not so tough without your gun huh? Get up!” he says as he kicks Frankie again. Frankie attempts to get up and once on all fours he is kicked again causing him to fall once again. “You see I can kill you, right here and right now.”
Frankie rolls over to his back to get a better look at his attacker, “Br..Brian Hester?” Frankie manages to say as he lies there facing his attacker.
“Now you see, you too smart for your own good. Maybe I should kill you.” He says, aiming a shotgun at Frankie. “But I won’t I need you alive for just a little bit more.”
Frankie spits out his own blood, “What you want with me?”
“Oh I think you know,” he says, bending down closer to Frankie.
Just as he bends closer, Frankie spits his blood in Brian’s face causing him to turn and lose focus for a bit and just as Frankie begins to get up he jams the shotgun into Frankie’‟s abdominal. “You see, I was trying to be nice, but you making things tough. You see this boy lying next to you? Does he look familiar to you?”
Frankie can barely see but he glances over at the boy but doesn’t recognize him. “What‟s wrong, your vision blurred?”
Frankie looks up at Brian, “You won’t get away with this.”
“But I already have.” He says, tying Frankie’s hands together. Well that’s it for you Detective, that’s all she wrote for you…any last words?” Brian says preparing to aim the gun at Frankie yet again.

Frankie says nothing and the front door downstairs opens, “I’m upstairs.” Frankie yells out. Brian smacks him, covers his mouth with a cloth and soaks the area around him with gasoline, then sets it ablaze and takes a secret way out. Terrence comes running upstairs to Frankie‟s aid, he begins untying him, and helping him to his feet and they soon realize they don’t have a way out. The fire is blocking the stairs now, they will have to jump from the window in the next room. “I don’t know man.” Frankie says in grimace.
“We have no choice!”
“Ok you go first and then you can help me with him.” Frankie says pointing to the boy. Terrence looks at the boy, “Is he alive?”
And just as the last word flows from his mouth a hand grabs his foot. Terrence jumps back startled. Then looks down to see it’s the boy holding on to his shoe. “He’s alive!”
“Well I guess he is, now let’s grab him and get the hell out of here.” Frankie says.
“Let’s do that.” Terrence says.
The two grab the boy and Terrence steps out the window and on to the roof and once outside grabs the boy from Frankie and Frankie steps out the window next. Just as both men step out with the boy the roof caves in and they all fall. Moments later Terrance and Frankie begin to emerge from the rubble.
“You alright?” Frankie asks.
“Yeah I am good, how‟s the boy? I don’t see him.”
“He’s….”Frankie begins looking around then finally notices the boy just a few feet away. “I think we need to get him to a hospital ASAP, he’s unconscious and my head is killing me,” He says, grabbing his head in pain. “And when we get to the hospital call Dr. Vargas and tell him meet us at Wheatly Memorial.” Frankie says handing Terrence his iPhone.

“He’s a child psychiatrist.” Frankie says looking over at the boy.
As they arrive at the hospital the three rush to the emergency room where Frankie and the boy are both admitted. Terrence calls Dr Vargas.
“Hi, I am Detective James with the NYPD. I got your number from Detective Encarnacion. I am working on a case with him and we have a situation. We need an evaluation on a young boy. How fast can you get to Wheatly Memorial?”
“I am not too far be there; as fast as I can.”
“Ok, see you in a few.”
Dial tone.
Terrance heads back to Frankie’s room, “Ok I talked to Dr. Vargas, he is on his way.”
“So what you thinking?”
“I am thinking this kid looks very familiar.” Frankie says. “And oh Brian Hester is our suspect.” “How you know?”
“He was in the house just before you were. He started the fire then took off running. I got it all on camera.” Frankie says, taking out his iPhone.
“You are a genius! You think he saw us escaping?‟
“He might have, but I am not concerned with that we gonna get him. Call the mayor and tell her we have you our guy is.”
“Will do, and I am gone get some coffee then wait outside for Vargas. You want anything?” Frankie nods, “No thanks, I am just gone rest up for now.”

“Ok and I will be back when Dr. Vargas gets here.‟
Terrence exits the room and Frankie makes himself comfortable to take a nap but before dosing off he notices a boy staring at him from the foot of his bed saying something.
“If you’re my son TJ, please talk to me, say something please!” He says pleading.
A cold chill brushes through the room, and the little boy approaches Frankie, and handing him an envelope before walking off..
“Wait! What‟s this?”
But the boy doesn’t respond just continues on, then disappears.
Frankie begins to open the envelope and just before he could get it open Terrence and Dr. Vargas enter the room. Frankie quickly puts the envelope under his blanket.
“Frankie! How are you my friend?” Vargas says
“I’m alive, that’s what’s important right?”
“Yes! So how is life in DC? How’s Nikki?”
“It’s good and Nikki is doing fine, she’s now partner at her law firm.”
“Good to hear you two doing better now”
“Yeah it’s been tough”
“I bet but I commend you and Nikki for staying strong all these years. I don’t know what I would of done.” He says giving Frankie a pat on the shoulder. “So who is this kid you called me to come see?”
“We don‟t know.” Terrence says.
“Well where is he?” Vargas asks.
“The other room across the way, doctors say he’s fine nothing serious. Just a little malnutrition, a little dehydrated, some broken ribs and a broken leg.” Frankie says.

“I see, has he talked any? Any interaction among him or you?” “Well, he grabbed my foot when I asked if he were alive or not.” “Were you asking him?”
“No, me and Frankie were talking.”
“I see.”
“So what do you say doc?”
“Let me talk to him, make sure he comfortable and I‟ll let you know ok.”
Both Frankie and Terrance nod. Dr Vargas begins heading to the room that the boy is in, “I will be back.”

As Frankie and Terrence await in Frankie„s room, Dr. Vargas sits and talks with the boy who is just waking up. “Hey there, my name is Tim, Tim Vargas. I am a doctor and I want to talk to you for a bit. Is that ok?”
The boy says nothing at first, “Where am I?”
“You’re at a hospital, two detectives found you in an old house. You know what you were doing there?”
The boy nods, “No,” he says almost close to a whisper.
“Ok, well my name is Tim, what is your name? And it’s ok, you’re safe now, no one is going to hurt you.”
“He said he will hurt my mom.”
“Trust me son, no one is going to hurt you or your mom, ok? So tell me who is this guy?” “Br…Brian.”
Suddenly Vargas looks stunned and pulls out a photo of Brian Hester and shows it to the boy. “Is this him?”
He nods his head and Vargas takes a little note then prepares to get up and go tell Frankie and Terrence what’s been said.
“Sir, I want to go home.”
“And I will get you home when we figure out where your home is ok.” He says smiling as he takes another step to the door.
“Sir, my name is TJ, I have been living with him and his wife.”
Vargas heads back over to TJ, “Son, you remember who your parents are, their names?”
He takes a moment before answering, “Frankie and Nikki.”
Vargas nearly falls out his chair, “I’m gone get you to your parents ok? And son did you recognize the two detectives who found you?” “No.”
Frankie and Terrence are awaiting for Vargas and enjoying a conversation. “So who you think this kid is?” Terrance asks.
“I couldn’t say but I want to say he looks quite familiar to me.”
“What you mean? You think you might of seen him before?”
“Maybe, it’s like there’s a connection between him and I, it’s hard to explain. I just hope I can recognize my own son if I came across him.” He says sitting up, preparing to stand.
“Where you going?”
“I got a hunch. You stay here for when Vargas finishes up.”
“You sure.”
“Yeah, I will call you if I need anything.”
Looking unsure, Terrance silently agrees and walks with Frankie to the exit. As they approach the exit Frankie asks for Terrance’s keys, “Oh, I am gone need your keys, remember we left my truck.”
Terrance hands Frankie his keys and Frankie heads off and Terrance heads back inside the to the waiting room to wait for Dr Vargas to finish up. “Tell me TJ, what do you remember about your parents?”
TJ pauses then speaks, “My dad, he was always away and my mom, I saw her a lot.”
“She stayed home?” “She worked in a big fancy office but I always saw her after school.”
Dr. Vargas takes note of this. “You remember the last time you saw them?”
TJ flashbacks to the day he was kidnapped.
Me and my dad went to Chuck E. Cheese after school. I gave a high five to Chucky, then jumped in the ball pit. Then me and my dad went and played games before the pizza came. Then when it came I went and washed my hands. TJ stops talking.
“You ok? You remember what happened next? It’s ok TJ, you’re safe now.”
TJ begins to cry.
“It’s ok.” Vargas says, consoling him. “If you don’t want to talk anymore that’s fine, we can talk more later, ok?”
“He took me from the restroom.”
“Did he touch you in any way?”
“No, he said I was his new son and his wife my new mom.” He says still in tears.
“It’s ok, we can finish talking another time, you get some rest and I’m gone get you back to your parents ok.” He says smiling at TJ.
TJ nods and relaxes in his bed and Vargas heads to the waiting room where Terrence is sitting. “Where is Frankie?”
“He went to follow up on a lead. What’s up?‟
“I was hoping he was here too.”
“Why what’s up?”
“I think we found his son. Did he say where he was going or how long he would be?”
“No, he just said he had a hunch.”
“Ok,” Vargas says, getting out his blackberry to call Frankie but there is no answer it goes straight to voicemail. “Frankie give me a call when you get this, this is urgent, talk to you soon.” “No answer, huh?”
“Yeah straight to voicemail.” Vargas says dialing another number.
“Who you calling now?”
“His wife, if this is their son he needs at least one of them right now.” Vargas puts up a finger for Terrence to hold for a second, “Hi Mrs Encarnacion. I am Dr Vargas I don’t know if you remember me but I…”
“I remember you, we met before TJ disappeared. You had a couple of sessions with him.” “Yes that is correct, well Mrs. Encarnacion I need for you to fly here to New York and make an identification. Will that be ok?‟
“I really don’t want to discuss over the phone and have you worried while getting here.” “Dr. I am fine, please tell me,” she says, almost pleading.
“Your son, I think we may have been found.”
“No, alive.”
Nikki nearly drops the phone.
“Hello, Mrs Encarnacion you still there?”
“Yes I‟m still here, where is he?”
“Wheatly Memorial.”
“Ok, I am on my way now. Does Frankie know?”
“Not yet, but he will by the time you get here.”
“Ok, see you soon.”

Dail tone.
Nikki heads to her secretary and tells her to transfer all calls to her blackberry, and to clear her schedule for the rest of the week before heading home, packing a small bag and heading to New York.

Across town Frankie enters an old abandon warehouse. It’s nearly pitch black and a strong stench is coming from somewhere. He un-holsters his gun, along with his flashlight and begins moving in farther into the warehouse. Suddenly a noise erupts the silence, it’s a dog howling outside miles away. Frankie continues moving forward when out the blue the boy comes from behind startling him. “You again…who are you?” Frankie asks.
The boy says nothing he just stands there then slowly turns his gaze towards the door they‟re standing in front of.
“You want me to open?” Frankie asks “What‟s inside? Could you tell me that?”
“My brother.”
Stunned by the boy actually speaking to him Frankie begins moving closer to the door then opens it. He opens it slowly and in the midst of the darkness someone hits him over the head.
Back at the hospital, Terrence awakens and hurries to Vargas.
“What‟s up?” Vargas seems a little worried.
“I got a strange feeling that something has happened to Frankie.”
“Like what?”
“I don‟t know but I’m gone find out, you stay here till his wife gets here.

“Ok, where are you going? You know where he is?”
“No but I can use the GPS on his phone.” Terrance says hollering to Vargas as he makes his way out before calling Korvage, his old partner from patrol. “Hey I need you ASAP. I got a dilemma and I need backup. How soon can you get to Wheatly Memorial.”
She cannot know, “Fifteen minutes at the least.”
“Ok, see you then and I will fill you in when you get here.”

Back across town sitting in a chair in a dark warehouse Frankie begins awaking and as he raises his head he has a handkerchief over his mouth and his hands tied behind the chair. He scans the room and no one is around just a dark, cold room. He struggles to break free to only fall over to the ground. When a voice speaks, “You’re pathetic!”
“You know why you here? Of course you don’t, but you will soon find out.” The voice says stepping into the little light that’s in the room. Frankie gets a look of shock on his face.
“That’s how I looked when I saw you escape from that house.” Brian says sitting Frankie back up and taking the handkerchief off Frankie’s mouth.
“Why are you doing this?” Frankie asks.
Brian says nothing. He moves to an old desk and picks up a yellow envelope, “You still have no idea huh?” He says, holding the envelope .
Frankie looks confused.
“Well let me tell you,” Brian says, opening the envelope and going through it until he comes across a picture and shows it to Frankie. “Recognize him?”
Frankie looks up in amazement.
“Of course you do, he’s your son. TJ right?”
“What did you do?” Frankie asks.
Brian just ignores him, “You see when we were little mom and dad sent me off to boarding school after that fateful night. I grew a hatred for you and Tahj and I still hate you to this day.

You stole my parents and my son from me.” “You’re crazy!”
“Is that all you have to say, is that I’m crazy? Didn’t mom and dad mention me any?”
“Yeah, they told me everything.”
Brian pistol whips Frankie, “I’m your brother!” Brian turns to the wall and begins talking to himself then turns back to Frankie and aims a gun at his head. “I could kill you right now, and no one will ever find you.”
“What do you want?” Frankie asks.
“Isn’t it obvious? I want your life, and career. You have it all yet fail to realize what you got. You spend hours upon hours working your job why you think your wife cheated on you with another woman. You couldn’t please her that’s why, or you at least refused too. I bet she doesn’t even know we are brothers, huh?”
Silence fills the room.
“Answer me damn it!”
“No, she doesn’t.”
Brian hits Frankie again this time he falls over and blood begins to pour down the side of his head even more. Brian aims the gun at Frankie then moves it away, “I had TJ.”
Looking concerned Frankie asks, “What?”
“You see that boy you rescued that was your son, that was TJ.”
Frankie looks up in shock.
“Yes, my nephew. And like you took my son from me I want to take yours from you, but also kill you because I can’t forgive you. I hate you. you and your son were supposed to die together and well, I got one of you now so it’ll just be you.” Brian says raising the gun up again.

Frankie is helpless and can only just lie there.
“Aren’t you gonna try and talk me out of killing you?”
“Why, you have your mind set your clearly jealous of me and my life, I can understand how you feel.”
“Oh don’t give me that sympathizer crap!” Brian says, as he pushes the gun further into Frankie’s temple. “You ready to die?”
Frankie begins praying.
“Oh, you a praying man now, huh?” He says mocking him. “Pray all you want but by nights end you will be dead so you tell me where is your God?”
“Mock all you want, I’m at peace in my life but I ask you what will it take for you to be at peace as well?”
“Killing you,” Brian says as a shot goes off.

30 minutes later

Wheatly Memorial
Brian lays in intensive care with a gunshot wound to his abdominal.
Down the hall his son in pediatrics.

“Where am I?” Frankie asks.
“Hospital, you have a mild concussion. But I want to ask you what were you doing there?” “Following a lead.”
“You should have had back up. He almost killed you.
“I don’t know,” he says gazing off. “Where‟s TJ?”
“TJ, my son…he’s still here right?”
“Wait, how’d you know?”
“He told me everything.”
“He‟s in pediatrics.”
“I can’t believe I didn’t recognize my own son.”
“Don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s been years since you last seen him. He has grown and changed besides look at the bright side he is alive and not laying dead in some ditch somewhere.”
“I guess you‟re right.”
“Yes, and now you get some rest, ok?”
“I want to see my son, he shouldn’t be alone.”
“Don’t worry about that, your wife is with him.”
“My wife!”
What if I hadn’t shown up?”
Frankie is resting, in comes Terrance, “Yeah she arrived just before you did.”
“I want to see her, I want to see them both.”
“Ok, give me a second be right back.”
Terrence goes to get Nikki as Frankie lays his head down, closes his eyes and takes a huge breathe then opens his eyes to see the boy standing in the doorway of his room.
He begins to approach Frankie then gives him an envelope, “Read this, it’ll answer all your questions.” He tells Frankie just before exiting.
But he disappears and Frankie is left lying on his bed and as he begins to read what’s inside the envelope he hears his wife and hurriedly tucks the envelope under his pillow. “Nikki?”
“Yes,“ Nikki says, as she approaches her husband and planting a kiss on his forehead, “How are you?”.
“I’ll survive and you? How’s TJ?”
“He, he’s not doing too well.”
“What you mean?”
“He’s good for now but needs a heart transplant.” She says, close to tears.
Frankie embraces his wife, “Everything gone be ok, where is he?”
“They are bringing him to your room.” She says pointing to the doctors who are wheeling TJ in.
Frankie sits up on his bed as Nikki takes a seat in a chair on the other side of TJ. TJ notices his parents as they enter and speaks, “Dad?”
“Am I dying?”

“Honey you will be fine” Nikki says fighting back tears and trying to comfort her son. “Dad…are you dying?”
“No, I got a little banged up but I’ll be fine. You don’t worry about me, you try and rest ok.” TJ nods, “Can we watch cartoons?” He says pointing to the TV.
“Sure, whatever you want.” Nikki says, “Anything in particular you want to see, Scooby Doo? LooneyTTunes? I brought a few of your favorite DVDs.” She continues.
“Looney Tunes,” he says in a mere whisper.
“Looney Tunes it is, anything else we can get for you? You hungry? Thirsty?” His mom asks. “Apple juice please.”
Nikki heads out and to the cafeteria and upon her return to the room Frankie has two chairs pulled up alongside TJ’s bed.
“Here you go TJ.”
TJ takes the juice from his mom and sips it then relaxes into his pillow, “Thanks.”
“You‟re welcome.”
“You‟re not leaving are you?”
“Of course not, I am gone stay right here with you.” Nikki says taking a seat next to TJ.
“Mom, I’m still scared”
“Scared of what?”
“The man who took me, he said he’ll find me.”
“Well you don’t have to worry about that, your dad caught him and he is in jail now,” Nikki says, looking over at her husband.
“Yes TJ, and he will never hurt you again ok.”
TJ gets a look of fear on his face, “You get them both?”

As TJ finishes his statement his blanket becomes soaked with urine. See what just happened.
“What’s wrong TJ?” Nikki asks.
“He’s…he’s here I can hear his voice.”
Frankie and Nikki both.
“Who’s here?” she asks
“The man who took me”
“Where?” Frankie asks.
TJ points to the door but there’s no one there.
Only man he sees is Terrance. Frankie closes the door quietly and has a seat on his bed and begins reading what’s inside the envelope that was given to him..
“What’s that babe?” Nikki asks Frankie.
Frankie gives no response and his jaw drops.
“What is it honey?” She says, getting up and moving closer to her husband.
“It all makes sense now.”
“What makes sense?”
“Read this.” Frankie says giving it to Nikki.
Nikki takes the letter and article clippings from her husband.
“This is the old house I used to live in as a kid.”
“And well one night me and my brothers were home alone, our parents were away for the night.” “Wait your brothers? But you only have one”
“I had two, the other was named Brian…he murdered Tahj….”
“Oh my God, Frankie are you serious?”
Frankie gets up and peeks out the door.
“What is this?”

“Yes, Brian burned the house down and left me and my brother Tahj to burn to death.”
“How’d you escape?”
“I don’t know I just remember being told to sit in this small area of our house and I will be ok.” Nikki looks a bit confused, “You were told?”
“Yes, it was as if God himself were right there talking to me, telling me everything was gone be ok. Also me finding TJ was a repeat of Brian wanting to finish what he started.”
“But why after all these years?”
“He’s still hates me, he told me that no one gives him a chance on anything and once they learn of what he did they disconnect from him. “
“He sounds like a lonely soul.”
“Yes and he has yet to forgive me for what I have done, even what I did a before I left New York for D.C.”
“You mean the accidental shooting?”
“Yes, he sees it as I did this crime and was rewarded by being transferred to the FBI. His wife left him and you stood by me. That was his youngest son that I shot and well, he wanted to get revenge by killing my son. He resents me; he hated our brother Tahj just like he hates me.” Frankie says as he slowly turns his attention to the door that Terrence is now standing in.
“Hey how is the little guy?” Terrance says, “I brought these for him, I hear he loves baseball, so I brought him some balloons with baseballs on them and this New York Yankees teddy bear.”
“He’s good, just getting some rest” Frankie says peeking over at TJ who is now sleeping. Terrance comes closer to Frankie and Nikki, “Listen I know he’s not doing so well, doctors already told me.” He says almost to tears.
“Terrance?” Frankie says putting an arm around him.

“Yeah, I just…I just want to make things right I don’t want to continue on in my father’s legacy, its gotta stop with me.”
Frankie and Nikki look at one another then back at Terrance, “What you talking about?” Frankie asks.
“My father, Brian Hester my real name is James Hester Encarnacion. I just want to come clean and tell you the truth. I never intended to kill TJ…”
“So you took TJ?” Frankie says interrupting.
“Shhhh…keep your voice down he is sleeping.” Nikki says gesturing to TJ.
“Yes I did , you have no idea what kind of man he is, he set the whole ordeal up. To him you had the perfect life and career and he was getting a divorce, lost his job, my brother in and out of juvenile hall and me being gay. He just wanted to destroy you, you had the life he wanted.” Nikki goes to console Terrance, “Its ok.” She says looking at her husband. Frankie just stands there then puts an arm around him, “And oh, I already know what kind of a monster Brian, your father is.”
“You do?‟
“Yeah, he killed our brother Tahj when we were all younger and he tried to kill me as well.” “So you believe me?”
“Yeah, and now I’m going to have to ask you to come down to the station, we need to get this on record.”
Terrance at first says nothing then looks Frankie in the eye, “Ok, you coming right?”
“Not at first I will be there in another hour I want to stay with TJ just a little bit longer.”
“I only talk to you.”
“Why only me?”

“He knows a few cops, it’s hard to trust who is friends with him and who‟s not.”
“Ok, tell you what we can talk privately here, is that cool?”
Frankie and Terrance exit the room and Nikki returns to her son’s side who is still sleeping. Frankie and Terrance enter the elevator headed for the cafeteria on the first floor. Frankie pushes the button on the elevator to begin heading down but just before he can Terrance grabs him from behind, as he reaches to hit the stop button Frankie hits him in the stomach then rams him into the wall behind him. Terrance lets loose of Frankie and falls. Frankie grabs Terrance’s gun and aims it at him, “Look I don’t want to hurt you…”
“Like you didn’t want to hurt my brother.”
“That was an accident! I was investigating a call I got, I had no clue he would be there.” “How’d you know about that place?”
“I got a call on the radio.”
“Really? You expect me to believe that?” He says, sitting up now.
“You can believe what you want but that’s the truth.”
“The truth huh? I haven’t heard that in a while. Now, I’m hearing your truth, first my dad now you. You gotta do better if you want me to believe you.”
“I will show you proof, I will show you the old house we lived in that your dad burned down killing our brother and almost killed me.”
“How so?”
“The house still stands, he has fire damage but still stands.”

“Yes, I drive by every year and place flowers and a candle for Tahj.”
“So you gone show me or what?”
“Yes, but I’m cuffing you.”
“What you don’t trust me?”
Frankie looks at Terrance, “After that last stunt you’ve proven to be untrustworthy and you know what? Something told me to watch out for you.” Frankie says cuffing him. “Alright, you ready?” Terrance says nothing just looks on as Frankie escorts him out the elevator.

As they exit the elevator Frankie leads Terrance to a vacant seat and has him take a sit. Frankie gets his iPhone out and calls his wife, she answers on the second ring, “Hey, look something came up…I have to leave for something, a new development has risen.”
“Honey, I think you should rest, and let someone else go you are already banged up.”
“I’ll be fine; this is something I must do…”
“Is this something to do with Terrance? What did he say?”
“Yes, and now I gotta prove something to him once and for all.”
“Ok,” she says a little uneasy.
“Listen in about 33 minutes call the Mayor, and tell her to have police, swat, helicopters the whole nine at 3333 West Ave.”
“Ok, be careful…I love you.”
“Love you too.” Dial tone.
“Let’s go” Frankie says, grabbing Terrance’s arm and escorting him out.
Frankie and Terrance begin heading out and to Terrance’s truck. Frankie helps Terrance in then he gets in. They begin heading to Frankie’s old childhood home and as they are driving on a dark highway a little boy appears in the middle of the road and Frankie quickly swerves off the road ending up in a small ditch. “You alright?” Frankie asks.
“Didn’t you see the little boy, didn’t you see him in the road?‟
Terrance stares at Frankie, “Huh?”
“The little boy, he was right there.” Frankie says turning to where he saw him.
“Yes! I know what I saw.”
Terrance turns around but no little boy anywhere in sight. Frankie begins trying to start the car but it wont start and after about five minutes, Frankie gets out and helps Terrance get out and they begin walking.
“We still going?”
“Yes, it’s just up ahead and I want you to see the truth of that dreadful night.”
“Whatever, how much further?”
“Not much, actually right up there.” Frankie says, pointing at an old abandon house just a few feet away.”
“That‟s it?”
“Yes” Frankie says not moving any further just staring off into the distance and Terrance beginning to walk towards the house. “You coming?” But Frankie gives no response just continues looking into the distance. Terrance walks back to Frankie, “You alright?”
“Huh, uh yeah I‟m fine. lets keep moving.”
Frankie and Terrance continue walking toward the house and as they get closer Frankie puts his hands over his ears and begins hollering. Terrance grabs him and sits him down, “Hey, what’s up?”
“I hear screaming, screams for help.”
“But there’s no one around.” Terrance says looking around.
“I know but its like a ghost or ghosts dwell here…trying to tell me something. I think I am here for something bigger or I’m walking into something blindly.”
“Well do like my father says and wipe your eyes cause this a slim and shady walk we walking,” Terrance says, as Frankie turns to him in amazement. “So we must use light, we don’t have to go in blindly.”
“Exactly!” Terrance says.
“Where’d you learn that?” Frankie asks.
“My mom and grandmother, they read both me and my brother the bible every night. My father hated it, that’s why they divorced. He wanted us to be a Muslim family and he blames God for Tahj‟s death.”
“What you mean?”
“He says he prayed to God everyday of what he was gone do and prayed that God will intervene and stop him you know like he did Abraham but instead he became this maniac like Cain.”
“Well He does give us free will, it’s up to us what we do with it we can either love Him or be separated from Him it’s our own choice.”
“I know and I tried telling him that but he don‟t want to hear that. Then when he heard that you yourself were talking to God in the closet that night he instantly begin to hate you. He sees it as God showed you favor over him and he hates you for that.”
“Why are you telling me this?”
“Because he wont stop and I believe he’ll keep going even if he kills you.” Terrance turns and faces Frankie, “He’s a very evil and vile person, you’ve never seen him like I have,” He says, trembling.

Frankie notices Terrance trembling and puts an arm around him.
Just as Frankie goes to speak someone comes from behind and forces him to the ground, dirt in his eyes and this person is now standing over him. “You thought you’d escape, huh? Well I got news for you, you wont be escaping this time. So you best pray to whoever it is you pray to cause that’ll be your only hope.”
“Why you doing this?”
“I have my reasons,” he says smirking. “Now, Terrance just as planned shoot him.” He says handing the gun to him. Frankie looks a little confused, “Terrance you set me up!?” “Sorry!” He says, nervously aiming the gun.
“So this the choice you making?”
Suddenly a helicopter and sirens are heard in the distance and coming their way.
“Go stall them, I‟ll take care of him.” Brian says looking over at the old house.
Terrance heads off to stall the cops and Brian takes Frankie to the old house.
“What do we into the darkness of the cold, cold house Brian forces Frankie into the kitchen and into a chair where he bounds him.

Brian disappears into another room then returns with an envelope in his hand and begins circling his younger brother. “You know what this is? Better yet how’d you get it?” Brian asks.
Barely able to see straight cause his blood is now running down his forehead and he’s feeling a little woozy but he manages to speak,”I don’t feel so well.”
“Don‟t worry the pain will be gone for good real soon.”
“You wont get away with this.”
“But I already have and now with this report I can go on and live my life as I always wanted and with peace because my demons will be behind me,” he says holding up the police report. Frankie looks on confused and with little energy left.
“You see little brother the police report details everything that took place that fateful night that took our brother Tahj’s life and it also has my psych evaluation attached to it.”
“You sure about that?” Frankie says.
“What are you getting at?”
“What if I said that was a copy.”
Brian gives off a little angry snarl, “A copy?”
“Yes, and oh I know the story, I know how Tahj and I were adopted and you hated having to share your toys and parents with us so you set the house on fire hoping to kill us both but only succeeded with Tahj.”
“You’re lying!” He says, smacking Frankie, knocking him on the floor. Frankie lies there for a moment nearly with the wind knocked out of him then says, “am I really?”

“Who told you that?”
“I have my sources.”
“Well their lying to you.”
“I highly doubt that.”
Brian kicks Frankie in the ribs, “Everyone who knows about that night are now dead except you and I and you were too young to remember or even understand what happened.”
But Tahj wasn‟t..”
“My source is Tahj, he came to, I didn’t understand before but I do now. He‟s been coming to me and leading me to hints of that fateful night.”
“that‟s ridiculous!”
“I thought so too but its true, I‟ve been seeing Tahj my brother.”
Brian looks astonished.
“It’s true.”
“Say what you want, believe what you want. I know the truth and its within these documents and I’ll destroy them after I kill you.”
“well you do as you please, I‟m ready to face death if its my time.”
Brian aims the gun at Frankie, “You sure about that?”
Frankie says nothing just closes his eyes and thinks of him and his brother in happier times then flashes to him and his wife on their wedding day then the birth of their son TJ.
“Wake up! I want you to see this.” Brian says violently shaking Frankie then sitting him back up in the chair. “Any last words?”
“I’m sorry about James Jr., I loved him like a son!”

Suddenly a gunshot is heard and Brian falls to the floor. Terrance appears in the doorway, “I’m sorry man, but I couldn’t let him continue on like this,” he says, untying Frankie. “We have to get you to a hospital.”
“Wait!” Brian says grabbing Terrance’s leg. “What are you doing?”
“I’m doing what I should of done long time ago, you’re poison to me.”
“So now, I’m poison, he’s a liar!”
“No! you’re the liar!
Brian looks on astonished and speechless but then quickly goes to grab his gun but Terrance kicks it away and aims his gun at Brian’s chest.
“Don‟t do it, he’s not worth it.” Frankie manages to get out.
“Do it.” Brian says. “Do it if you got the guts.”
But the cops come busting in, “Drop the gun!”
Terrance drops the gun and begins bagging up, the police move in to get Brian while Terrance escorts Frankie to the ambulance outside and Brian hollers threats at them but they continue out the house.
“So could you tell me exactly what happened to my grandparents? I mean how did they die?” “Well, it was a drunk driver going the wrong way and he collided with them head on.”
“Did they ever catch who did it?”
“Yes, he was found hours later with his car rammed into a church and he was thrown through the windshield and right through the window of the church.”
“Yes, I said the same thing but you know divine intervention has a way of showing itself.” Terrance looks at Frankie with a look of shock on his face.

“Back to the hospital?” Frankie says.
“You’re not going to turn me in?”
“No, you knew nothing of what you were doing,” he says, winking. “I have everything that Brian said on tape.” Frankie says pulling out his iPhone and stopping the recording. “Brian acted alone right….besides I don’t want to lose another nephew.”
“Thank you.”

Just as Frankie is getting into the ambulance Brian comes storming out, grabs one of the cops guns and aims it Frankie. “You wont get away!” Two shots are heard one hits Terrance as he shields Frankie and the other is from one of the other officers who hits Brian. Brian falls lifeless to the ground and Terrance lays on the ground clutching his abdomen as he bleeds rapidly. “Put him on the gurney, I’ll ride along.“ Frankie says, ordering the medics. The medics load Terrance into the ambulance and Frankie gets in beside him. “Everything gone be alright, you hang in there alright.”
Terrance nods.
As they arrive at the hospital Terrance goes into a bit of a shock. He is immediately moved to one of the operating rooms and operated on. Frankie awaits in the waiting room to see what’s up with Terrance and TJ. Dr. Kai approaches Frankie. “Excuse me Det. Encarnacion.” “Yes.”
“I have some news about your son and Terrance.”
“First off Terrance, he is doing well and is in stable condition.”
“Ok good to hear and my son?”
“Well he’s still in need of a heart transplant and I think we might of found one., your brother.”

“My brother? “
“But we are not biological brothers?”
“No your twin brother.”
Frankie is in shock. “What?”
“Tahj, he was your twin and your parents had his organs frozen and preserved and he’s a match for your son. We just need to match for chest cavity size and some other tests, but I am confident everything will match up.”
“Ok, I’ll inform my wife of this and you can get started.”
“ok and thank you.”
“No thank you.”
Frankie heads to his wife who is sitting beside TJ and informs her of what‟s about to happen. Hours go by and after about four hours doctors return to Frankie and Nikki to tell them all went well and that TJ is stable and is resting.

3 years later. Washington D.C.

Frankie and Nikki are having a barbecue for TJ’s birthday at their new home in DC. TJ is playing in the pool with friends and his mom is sitting poolside watching while dad is on the grill . Terrance comes strolling in with his partner, “Happy birthday TJ!”
TJ gets out the pool and walks over to Terrance who heads over to Nikki.
“Here you go partner, you still play with Legos, right ?”
“Yes! And thank you!”
“You are very welcome.”

TJ runs to put his gift in the house as Terrance introduces his partner, “Well fam, this is, as you know, my partner Jayson. I hope you don’t mind me bringing him along today?”
“Oh of course not, he is family.” Nikki says standing to greet him
“And oh we got some news, the adoption papers for our twin boys went through, we get them next month. We found out yesterday and we have names picked out too.”
“Oh really what are they?” Nikki says intrigued.
“Tahj James and Jacob James.”