Begin Again


Gunjan Seth


Begin Again

Bukowski’s surreal advice rings in my head as I face another rejected application at the stack of my piling mount of misery. This is not how I envision my life, growth trajectory or the little fantasies I build up in my head about my brighter than thou future. But this right here is the one mirror image of my reality I cannot possibly erase or escape. The feeling of impending failure, all doomed prospective plans or of eventually finding a light at the end of tunnel.

Do you feel this often? The gnawing ache of listlessness and un-productivity slithering it’s way into your deepest, darkest insecurities? The feeling of not being good enough or just enough for a single moment of life? Scrambling to find that ray of sunshine amidst the haze looming around you, engulfing you wholeheartedly.

And here is where you and I need to stop for a second and take a deep breath. Here is where you and I need to understand that it is okay to be sliding between average and perfection. It is okay to analyze rather than keeping a statistical record of your achievements. To remember, that only experiences and optimism fostered by the myriad events in your life ultimately shapes you.

The misleading paths you take, the books you read, the music you listen to, your cathartic 3 a.m. ‘ notes to myself,’ or anything that is an indispensable part of your heart and soul change the perspective of what you characterize as your notion of growth and each hurdle makes you explore the capabilities you didn’t pay attention to before.

Most importantly be intrinsic to your existence.

Fall seven times, stand up eight and begin again. Begin Again, another day, a hopeful dream and a new journey to traverse!

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