By: Kelly J. [Kelz] Newson

The one I want
The one my heart wants
As we’re kissing under the moonlight
And a light rain falling on us
I want you
You want me
You got me

But we both got outsiders wanting to talk to us
We not official
But hopefully in the future
I just donʼt want to get too attached
But I donʼt want to be too distant
Having you thinking I donʼt want you
When truthfully I want you most

Your company and love too
But we not there yet
Still working on some things
Guess Kelz and Yaz gotta wait a little bit longer for them titles

As I work on my patience
But in my heart you already Bae
Already got a piece of this heart too

Now I just wanna spend time
Getting to know you
Already know your favorite sexual positions
And some other things too

Now Iʼm talking getting to know all of you babe
As we prepare to open another chapter
Letʼs keep this story of ours going forward
Make it a never ending novel

’For Yaz; A Kelz and Yaz storyline’ out now on iBooks and

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